About Brigantine Taxpayers Association

The BTA, Brigantine Taxpayers Association, was established in 1998. The BTA is an independent civic organization, open to and serving all Brigantine taxpayers. We scrutinize Brigantine’s municipal government impartially and thoroughly in order to determine whether or not taxpayers are getting the most cost- effective value for their property taxes.

This scrutiny encompasses the expectation of transparency in our government and keeping the public informed of all public information including public-sector salaries, contracts, ordinances, zoning, budgets, property assessments, etc.

We provide a forum for the factual discussion of public issues and of proposals for appropriate and useful public action. Our strength is in concerned members willing to participate actively in this scrutiny – getting facts, studying issues and taking positions, all to make Brigantine a better place to live and own property.

“We are looking for taxpayers to serve on our Board of Directors. Our strength and influence come from the willingness of property owners to band together to work for the best interests of our island community. Please send us a message via the web site if you are interested. We welcome your participation.” 

The Brigantine Taxpayers Association is supported by members’ dues and contributions and is registered with the New Jersey Dept.of the Treasury.

The member-elected Board of Directors sets policy under the Association’s by -laws.  The Board elects the officers.

BTA Annual dues are $25 per household.

You can also mail your dues to:

Brigantine Taxpayers Association, P. O. Box 71, Brigantine, NJ 08203.