Brigantine Municipal Salary Chart 2020

We present this public information provided by the City at the end of 2019 to help taxpayers evaluate their municipal government’s allocation and expenditure of taxes and other revenue.

1. According to the US Census American Community Survey, Brigantine’s latest estimated population as of 7/1/18 (7/1/19 not yet available) is 8,765. This number continues the decline from the 2000 census to that of 2010. (The upcoming 2020 census will give us a definitive number.) Brigantine has a continuing downward population trend. This fact must be realized and addressed when considering the scope, feasibility, and cost of municipal services and economic health of local businesses.

2. The number of listed positions is 180 (2 people each hold 2 positions), 4 more than in 2018. There are 34 firefighters/EMTs. The police chief as listed retired recently. A new officer is to be hired to keep the number of police officers at 34 also.

3. Employees, not counting the retired police chief, with at least a $100,000 salary number 45, 3 less than in 2018.

4. There are 154 seasonal employees, including 101 on the beach patrol and 35 for the beach fee office.

5. The amount of the total listed payroll is $11.1 million. This number includes the base salary, longevity payments and all stipends. Not included are overtime, $470,000, health benefits, almost $3 million, and State and Federal statutory retirement /pension payments of $3.3 million.

6. Longevity (simply for being in the job) payments continue in the municipal union contracts for those hired before 1/1/15. It’s an unwarranted, unnecessary taxpayer expense, $254,000. in 2019, millions over the years.

Brig Employeee Salary Feb 2020

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