Brigantine Schools & NJ State Achievement 2017-18 Test Results

This is our second article this year (1st – 4/05/19 — salaries, etc.) on Brigantine’s public schools, now 2, soon to be 1 consolidated school, pre-k through 8. With facts, people will be better able to hold accountable those responsible for our public school.

There’s no automatic correlation between high expenses and academic achievement.

In Brigantine, as one of the very few Title 1 school districts in NJ out of a total of over 500 school districts, it is the mayor alone who appoints the school board.

As citizens and taxpayers, we all have a right and responsibility to be knowledgeable about and question the quality of education being provided with our property taxes. We expect the public school to educate all its pupils to the extent of their abilities. That means fulfilling its prime purpose of teaching the fundamental academic subjects of reading, writing and math, preparing its pupils to continue successfully to the next levels.  

Testing can be controversial. But, it’s essential to measure what progress has been made in order to determine and plan for what needs to be done to meet goals. Honest assessments and public acknowledgments of them benefit everyone, especially the students, and save time and money.

For years, the people of Brigantine have been told by those in control that the quality of public education here is excellent, great. To the contrary, over many years State tests have revealed a mediocre academic record in Brigantine public education, not one in which to take pride. To proclaim otherwise is better described as deceptive “advertising” than as fact.

Following are the latest data, from the 2017-18 PARCC State Assessment Test.

This month, using another different State test (all the changes can be confusing), NJ’s public schools, grades 3-8, will be tested again.  These facts are online from the Brigantine school administration and the NJ State Dept. Of Education – Public School Performance Reports.


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