Brigantine Property Tax Assessments

I attended yesterday’s City Council meeting specifically to make the following statement during the last public comment. “Last month, a resident addressed Council, for a second time, on apparent inequities and problems affecting property owners. These issues are property assessments and property tax appeals.

He presented Council with a lot of relevant detailed data obtained through his own extensive research on both topics. Council gave this date to the solicitor.

We’re  now in a new year with the tax appeal deadline a few months away and a new budget being prepared.

What is the position of each Council member on these major issues? The taxpaying public deserves to know.”  When I finished I waited for a response, saying “I’m listening.” Council and the solicitor knew nothing about it saying you hadn’t given them anything. That was a surprise since I remembered it differently. What did happen?

These are important issues for all taxpayers.

From: R. Main
Sent: Thu, Jan 11, 2018 9:49 am
Subject: Re: Brigantine Tax Info

Today we sent mailings out including the following:
-Revised Letter to the State with flash drive, Hauck Appraisal & Appeal, Main Appeal, & Brig Comps
-Pkg to Chris Brown with flash drive, Hauck Appraisal & Appeal, Main Appeal & Brig Comps
-Flash Drive To Ed Stinson with Tax Appeal FIle
-Copy of Letter to State Comptroller sent to AC Press
-Copy of Letter to State Comptroller sent to Assemblyman Mazzeo
I will email you copies of the cover letters.
Thank you,
Ron Main

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