Thank You For State Audit of Brigantine

NJ Office of the State Comptroller
Mr. Christopher Jensen
Director, Audit Division
P. O. Box 024
Trenton, NJ 08625-0024

Dear Mr. Jenson:

We want to express our appreciation for your comprehensive, objective Performance Audit of Employee Benefits of the City of Brigantine.

Your audit was a surprise to the taxpayers of Brigantine. We didn’t know the NJ Office of the State Comptroller did such audits and are not aware of any done before of the City of Brigantine.

You addressed issues which we have brought to City Council’s attention many times over many years without positive results. As an example, we brought the issue of nepotism (the one mentioned in your audit) late last year after the situation was brought to our attention.

City Council listened but did not comment. Evidently, someone brought this and other violations to your attention.

The importance and necessity for such audits is summed up nicely in Mr. Walsh’s statement, “This audit highlights the importance of constantly examining how public funds are being spent.”

It’s good the City “generally agreed with our audit findings and conclusions, and its response indicated the City has taken steps and will continue to implement corrective actions to address our recommendations. The City is being cooperative.”

It should be. It is accountable for its record of violations of State laws and its own agreements.

Thank you for your work on this audit. We’ll be following your Reporting Requirements on p.19.

Sincerely, Anne H. Phillips, Brigantine Taxpayers Association

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